Welcome to the Anadarko Gomez Family Reunion 2016 website!

This Website has been created to provide the George R. Gomez family a way to connect and share information about the upcoming 2016 reunion along with memories from the past.  Please use the menu bar to the left to gain more insight and stay updated on our 2016 reunion.  The 2016 reunion theme is  "88 Years in
Anadarko OK"    I want to thank you all for the use of family photos so that everyone can see our Loved Ones. Some photos throughout have been restored by Travis Wishon.  Thanks Travis!

Just a few memories of the Gomez Brothers:
Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys.  The Gomez brothers loved them.  My uncle David C. Gomez would always say when my uncle Jack Gomez played the fiddle, he could "make it talk".  One time in Turkey, Texas, during a time the Gomez Family was pulling cotton, Jack got to play a few songs at a barn dance with Bob Wills. 

When they were younger, some of  the Gomez brothers would go dancing at the Saddle Club on Saturday nights in Chickasha, Oklahoma.   It was here that,  given the chance, G. C. would sing the song Milk Cow Blues.  

JoAnn Gomez Ontiveros
Gomez Brothers
Gomez Brothers
George and Susana Family Reunion 2016:  88 Years in Anadarko, OK
George and Susana Family Reunion 2016: 88 Years in Anadarko, OK